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About Us

Our energy and comfort consultants are
competent in a wide range of skills and expertise.

  • We are a Licensed HVAC contractor in the State of Texas with 27 years experience.

  • We perform custom ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual D duct design, and
    Manual S system selection for contractors, architects and homeowners. We have performed load calculations for 27 years.

  • We train HVAC contractors and other professionals how to perform ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual S system selection calculations and Manual D duct design as a certified training organization for Elite Software.

  • We have written curriculum for, and train HVAC contractors and inspectors in the State of Texas for organizations such as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Development.

  • We performed site inspections and validated over 5000 HVAC systems for the ONCOR Electric Delivery AC Installers Program. This is a program to reduce the rate of increase in electrical consumption in the State of Texas by using and verifying proper installations of high SEER equipment and ductwork.

  • We were the onsite and technical validators for the successful EPA ENERGY STAR™ ACCA Quality Install Pilot program conducted in Texas in 2007.

  • We were the trainers and validators for the ONCOR HVAC System Performance Improvement Program pilot of 2007.

  • We are Certified as Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysts by the National Comfort Institute

  • We are Certified Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technicians for residential and light commercial by the National Balancing Institute

  • We are a Certified Air Balancing Company for commercial air balancing by the National Balancing Council

  • We train HVAC contractors how to do computerized ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual D duct design, and Manual S system selection.

  • We custom design HVAC systems for contractors, architects and homeowners and provide third party inspections to insure those design specs are followed to the letter.

  • We are trained spray foam insulation consultants in the Central Texas Area

  • We have been independent contractors for many years in several areas of the building trades including electrical, plumbing, construction roofing, HVAC and Geothermal Heating and Cooling.

Read about the True Performance Home protocol.
We design and specify the HVAC systems and then test to
make sure the contractors deliver according to the specs

Click here to see the True Performance protocol


Be sure to read the Indoor Air Quality page for important information
about your comfort and healthy indoor environment


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