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Maybe I need an Energy Audit?

Who will do an Energy Audit on my home?

Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

Perhaps you have just opened your latest electric bill and have experienced "sticker shock". That big bill is a budget buster for many folks. People on fixed incomes have a hard time adjusting with rising energy costs.

Two confusing questions stick out when you decide to do something about your energy bill—what is an energy audit and who does them?

We want to lay all our cards out on the table

We have earned certification in several disciplines so you can have confidence that we can analyze your situation using real-time measurements as well as standard energy usage common sense and proven building science principles. We will be glad to explain our testing protocols and the various certifications we hold to you before our technicians begin an energy audit.

By using our analytical equipment and software, we can see what needs to be done and what is cost effective for a return on your investment. We have learned that some improvements will not give you a good payback over time. It is our goal help you create a Master Plan to save you energy and money.



Let us consult with you during the planning stage before you remodel or build your new home to make sure it utilizes the building practices that insure energy conservation and healthy indoor air quality.


Confused about what an energy consultant is?

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